Printing is not a new professional field in India. However, it is in recent years only that this profession has got momentum to great level. Present development has been made possible with the introduction of latest technologies in this field.

One factor that is mostly responsible for boosting up the progress of printing jobs in India is the advent of digital printing technology.

Keeping pace with the demand of educated, trained and skilled professionals belonging to the field of printing, educational institutions have incorporated various printing courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. Apart from affiliated universities, private institutions also have on offer numerous vocational printing courses.

Printing Jobs for Graduates in India

Printing jobs in India now wear the most advanced look. Therefore, survival and growth in this industry is possible only if you are educationally trained. Educational qualification combined with relevant experience can mean early success. However, demand for freshers is very steady.

  • Printing press engineering is one such course that promises high professional success to people who pursue it. There is another relatively useful printing course offered at Indian universities. This course is known as Bachelor of Engineering (BE) or Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) in Printing Technology.
  • Trained graduates with degree in printing technology have multitude of professional options to grab in India.
  • Emergence of new printing and publishing houses and expansion of the existing ones have made the situation quite rosy for job hunters in the field of technology in India.
    According to survey, Indian city Mumbai has more than 500 printing houses and over 100 processing houses.
  • Apart from these, the city also occupies print shops of popular news publishing houses such as The Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Free Press Journal and The Indian Express. These publishing houses are in possession of advanced web offset machines which can be operated by trained professionals only.
  • Apart from Mumbai, other metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai are important Indian venues which have publishing houses and printing presses in large numbers. These cities altogether create lots of vacancies for printing graduates and printing technology engineers.

Printing Jobs for Freshers

Job scenario is equally encouraging for freshers, as well. There in no denying the fact that these publishing houses prefer to employ trained personnel. But demand for freshers in this industry is also increasing by leaps and bounds. Freshers are in great demand mainly because there are more jobs than the number of experienced professionals.

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Printing Jobs in India: Jobs for Freshers and Graduates

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