Do you want to make your passion your profession? Do you have a creative bent of mind and can come up with several new ideas with your abstract thinking skills? You can use your abstract thinking power to earn money.

Gone are the days when people would say abstract thinking would not help in making bread and butter. Now, you can pull in your livelihood by using your abstract thinking ability. If you check out the recruitment news every day, you will be able to find a large number of jobs for abstract thinkers in the United Kingdom.

Nowadays, many people are not into concrete thinking. They just do not see a bridge as a construction work for connecting two places. With their excellent creative thinking, they may see the bridge as a medium which connects people of two different places and helps them know each other. They may also consider a bridge to be the hand that closes distance and unites people. Some may compare the complex concrete structure to many a things in life which concrete thinkers may never think of. If you are one of them, you can surely consider for applying for the abstract thinkers jobs.

Jobs and Careers for Abstract Thinkers

Career options for abstract thinkers have increased significantly in the recent days. Many advertising firms are recruiting abstract thinkers for designing their advertisement campaigns. New companies are also recruiting their own abstract thinking team to ensure proper publicity of their brands. As the job opportunities for abstract thinkers are increasing, one can now find different types of careers for abstract thinkers. However, before accepting a job, one should check out the details of the job. He should not only check out the qualification required to apply for the job but he should also check out the remuneration package.

Social anxiety disorder (better known as social phobia) is a common mental health symptom. This symptom preys on people in a continuous process. Recent epidemiological data collected by government agencies show that social anxiety disorder strikes more than seven percent of the population at any specific time.

People who suffer from social anxiety have fear of any kind of social situation that may require them to come face to face with other people. People suffering from social phobia symptom behave normally when they are left alone.

Despite suffering from a specific mental health problem, people with social anxiety never lack in ability or efficiency. Therefore, given the situation they are in, they should mostly prefer professions that may involve minimum interaction with other people.

Jobs for People with Social Anxiety and Social Phobia

There are diverse professional fields that offer people with social anxiety ideal job setting. These people are mainly suited for any of the home-based jobs that match their eligibility and skill. The advent of internet and expansion of freelance jobs have made the situation very relaxed and convenient. There are numerous jobs that are being pursued on freelance basis. If you are a person with the symptom of social anxiety, you can choose from jobs as varied as:

  • Freelance writer
  • Content writer
  • Software engineer
  • Accountant
  • Landscaper
  • Animal care professional
  • Graphic designer
  • Editor
  • Data entry professional
  • Baby sitter
  • Pet sitter

Most of the above-mentioned jobs for those with social anxiety involve least social interaction. Freelance jobs give the freedom to work alone from the comfort of one's own home. Baby sitting jobs and pet sitting jobs also require one to have least interaction with people and society. Therefore, all these are known to be best-suited jobs for people with social phobia.

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Jobs and Careers for Abstract Thinkers

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